where to sell my modded wii?

    i have a modded wii which i have tried selling on here but seemed to have no interest. put in on ebay and got it removed. so now im asking where whould i sell it as i need money.


    perhaps lower the price a bit....prob no interest as everyone seems to be selling them lately

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    im not too desperate but i was pretty sure i was selling at a good price...anywhere else i could sell it though?

    cash converters
    cash generator
    local paper
    local shop window
    shopping centre advertisement board

    theres 100s places to sell stuff.

    duno why ppl rely on ebay all the time. worst place to sell in my opinion!

    In my experience modded kit does not fetch much of a premium (especially with increase risk of product failure). Be fair with the price and you will sell.

    what price u lookin for
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