Where to sell old calendars?

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Found 18th Apr 2010
I have a load of old friends, frasier, king of the hill etc old tv show calendars, u think theyre collectors items and would sell? or dump em??

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Probably so massed produced so worth diddly.


i lolld

Stick em in the recycle bin ;-)

Is this a joke thread?

Original Poster


Is this a joke thread?

lol no

My friend had tons of calenders left over (her work gave them all out to their customers) well I handed them all into my sons primary school where they all had a great time cutting out the pictures and making things. Ask ur local nursery or primary school if they want them.....or at the very least recycle as someone said - dont just chuck them out!

This thread is so 1999

Will ebay not be the best bet ?

Look outside your front door, you should find your GREEN bin, job done.

recycling i chucked a few away the other day - only kept them in case the pictures would come in any use.

I say just get rid.

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but hese calendar have nice big pics/stills from the shows, would be good for collectors!




give em free with the tickets you selling
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