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I've been hanging on to my PS3 in the slight thought that I may use it again one day, but alas that'll never happen! I have my PS4 now, and the PS3 has sat in the same place for over a year now.

I'd like to get rid of it easily - no time for hassle. Where's the best place to sell/trade it in? Ideally somewhere I can just drop it in to, such as CEX.

Any ideas?

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What about selling it on here

My ps3 super slims been sat since the first week lol. For the money I'd get I'd rather just keep it there for a rainy day

If it still works then keep it till it goes back up in price. I'd say about 6-10 years time.

I was looking to sell mine recently now there are 2 PS4s in the house

Somehow an afternoon working out what it was worth on gumtree and being pretty disappointed lead to me buying 3 more!! I now have a breakfast bar with 4 lined up with 4 small TVs and my kids and their friends live on minecraft mini battles against each other. Lol

I use mine as a dvd/ bluray player in the bedroom now.

Trade it in for a new game at cex or stick it on gumtree for £40

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try game they might buy it off you

Just sold my ps3 slim on ebay for £42. And brothers superslim for £50. Hope this helps

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Thanks everyone. £40 isn't a lot, given I'd have the hassle of Gumtree/eBay. I'll leave it packaged up, or perhaps put it somewhere else in the house at some point!
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