where to sell retro consoles?

Found 3rd Dec 2009
I have a dreamcast boxed with games and a playstation boxed also with a load of games but don't know where would be best to sell them and what price should i be looking at?

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check fleeaby ... you dont have a SNES do ya? :thumbsup:

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check fleeaby ... you dont have a SNES do ya? :thumbsup:

no, i used to but that was many moons ago:)

ebay is best option (although /spit @ paypal)...

Gamestation used to buy old consoles. Give them a go if you dont have a local independent.


now this is retro. anyone know best place to sell this phillips g7000?

anyone interested in a commadore 64 with printer tape recorder floppy disc drive. tape and disc games plus lots of books £50
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