Where to sell second hand computing / hi fi gear?

Posted 29th Oct
Hi all

I don't want to sell on ebay and I am not all that enamoured with my Gumtree selling experiences so far. I have some things I need to sell over the next few months, including computer memory DDR3 and DDR4, probably a Ryzen CPU, a motherboard, about 4 working hi fi amplifiers, perhaps a projector or television, about 3 DACs.

I am wondering these days other than Gumtree (though I will list them here anyway) and Ebay what are my options? I don't want to use Facebook as I was scammed there once and there is a lot of crap on there. I have tried Shpock once and it was pretty good so I guess that's one.

Where do people look these days for new boxed or second hand tested stuff? Prices will take into account I can deliver most items in London perhaps same day (convenience).
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You could just try CEX or similar, no hassle with returns, scams, or moaning customers after a part refund etc. Prices won't be as high as selling privately but possibly worth just checking how much they pay and it's a lot easier than all that messing around that goes with the private selling
Avforums is where I sell all my av gear when I upgrade.
Try Facebook marketplace, gumtree, ebay
Cex is the best option.
you will find a similar experience if you use Facebook, schpock etc as it’s full of the same chancers and time wasters
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Where's abouts you located OP
I am in London.
The items are not the kind of thing that CEX would take in general, in the case of the memory and CPU they would take them but I really don't like their markup I'd rather sell privately and give someone a bargain.
I appreciate the advice on AVForums I've been on there a bit recently so that's a good idea.
Are there any popular new services outside Shpock? Other apps perhaps?

Thanks for the help all.
This seems to be quite a common way to go about selling things since HUKD withdrew the Buy/Sell section. Make a thread listing your products and terms and wait for the PMs to roll in...
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Yeah. Doubt there’s anything for me but still would be interested in just what bits they are
Rich45s30/10/2019 02:15

Yeah. Doubt there’s anything for me but still would be interested in just w …Yeah. Doubt there’s anything for me but still would be interested in just what bits they are

It's not allowed - HUKD removed a post asking if it was. Discussion does not allow buying nor selling so I'm not going to be advertising anything here unfortunately. Sorry!
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