Where to sell tv apart from Ebay?

    Thought I'd get some ideas from the collective wisdom of the people on here.

    I've got a large 50" rear projection tv that I need to sell and am looking for ideas of how to sell it apart from Ebay, any ideas? (yes I'm another who benefitted from the samsung deal from Bennetts!)

    Due to it's sheer size I'd need to list that it would need to be collected unless anyone has ideas of how I could arrange a courier, as I'm sure I'm more likely to get it sold if I could organise shipping.

    Helpful suggestions or wisom welcome.


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    Thanks for the quick reply, I'll have a look :thumbsup:

    well theres always here. obvioudly you couldnt re list it for another 7 days now though.

    Could try local paper.

    Hire 2 blokes to deliver it? :?

    Gumtree :thumbsup:

    rear projection tv's are'nt worth all that anymore, you better off chucking it on ebay and hoping someone collects it or take it to the tip.

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    ahh, the fringe guys would be useful but they'd probably consider the TV an antique like most others.

    I'd rather not scrap it as it's a good tv, working perfectly and only replaced due to the excellent deal I got on the Samsung.

    I've listed it on gumtree, but have received the comedy response by someone for £30 with the line, "it's old and horrible I'll give you £30" :roll:

    But I'll try the local paper, as I've not tried that yet.

    Lots of ideas, keep them coming thanks!

    local porn shop


    local porn shop



    I sold my old TV in the Friday free ads. Only got £75 but at least it got it out of the way.


    ebid, gumtree, local newspaper, shopwindow, the old granny down your street... they'll buy anything, lol kidding.... good luck.

    adtrader (yellow paper) sold my washer dryer here about a year ago.

    Free to list cost me nothing which was gr8!
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