Where to send free texts online (excluding o2)

    I have always used O2 for sending texts online, but recently I have not been able to -- I don't know if it's my comp (which is on it's last legs and has all sorts of random problems) or their site, but I have to add an excption every time I want to login, when I have logged in if I try and send a text I am just sent on a loop of errors...something didn't work click here, that didn't work go here etc etc

    So does any one know of any other sites where I can send free texts from? Nice and simple like O2.



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    ^ I am having a bad day, thought I had already started this thread myself earlier when I read that and I felt stupid...glad it was rather a case of me never having got the hang of the bloody crappy search engine here on HUKD instead hehe

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