Where to start with weights?

    Just looking to work with some dumbbells at home, arms and upper body.

    But obviously want to keep everything in proportion, don't want to look like Johnny Bravo.

    Any advice on what exercises to start with, reps etc

    I am a male in my early 20s if it helps anyone, and don't need to put weight on

    Thanks :-D


    depends on what you want, if you want brute strength go as high as you can and keep going higher doing between 8-12x3 reps/session.

    If you want tone then do lower weights and do loads of reps in intervals, but not too many. Truthfully dumbells are boring, join a gym much more motivation to do things when your at a gym

    If you want to stay in proportion, work the compounds, don't focus your attention to only arms and upper body and buy this book. Trust me, it will be the most useful book you will ever read with regards to training.....


    Do 5 reps at a slightly heavy weight. (you should be tired by the fifth). Then rest for a minute. Then do five again.

    Do this five times. (ie 5x5). I am using this guy as my trainer, if you like:…b=4

    Oh and don't do it every day. You need to give time for your body to regrow. So do a certain part of your body(ie biceps) every two days. Don't take a day off. The rest day for your bicep you should do your triceps, or back or shoulder, etc.

    Protein is the key to growing quickly. Eat burgers, milk, egg, fish, chicken, peanuts, etc. Avoid sugar.

    Give rep if this helped

    Original Poster

    Thanks all repped for your time!!

    First of all, don't try and lift to heavy to start with, the main reason being that you risk injury and secondly you will get fed up.
    Start light so that you can comfortably do 10-12 reps aiming to do three sets of each exercise.
    By starting light it enables you to lay some kind of base down on which to start building muscle and also allows you to get the technique right. Technique is very important.
    Remember if you work your biceps, you have to work your triceps, if you work your chest you have to work your back, also remember the shoulders. Its all about balance.
    Start off by doing a full body workout just to get used to weights.

    So do:

    3 bicep exercises
    3 chest exercises
    3 back exercises
    3 tricep exercises
    3 shoulder exercises

    Then once you get comfortable doing this, move away from doing the whole body in one session but then concentrating on doing certain muscles in one session, so for example you would then do on day 1 - bicep and shoulders, day 2 - chest and Triceps and then on day 3 - back. It doesn't have to be that way but you can see what I mean. Aim to try and change things around every 6 weeks or so just to keep the muscles guessing and by the time you finish the last rep on each set you should be struggling to do so.

    As said rest is just as important as training and don't get fooled into buying supplements until you have been training for a little while just to make sure you head in the right direction without the aid of supplements.

    And finally, its all about patience. Muscles do not grow over night, after around 2-3 months you will start to see a difference and that is when you will be spurned on to train harder and gain more muscle.
    Also make sure you enjoy it!
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