Where to stay in paris

    ME and the GF are looking to go to paris at the end of the month. i was wondering if anyone could tell me which part would be best to stay in, as when im their i'd like to go to the eifell tower without being miles away!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated



    Hi Kmac!

    I would highly recommend staying in the Latin Quarters in Paris. Its lively, young, fun and close to all tourist attractions (Effiel tower, Notre Dame, Seine, Louvre etc.).

    The best places in my opinion are St.Michel, Chatlet, Cite, St Paul, Les Halle, Odeon) These places are all near each other in the Latin Quater. Personally , i prefer St.Michel within walking distance to the Notre Dame.

    I stayed in Paris for a month so let me know if you need any advice.


    I am going next week, as we always go to Paris in January, we stay in Montmarte... at a place called.... Comfort place du tetre... about £140 for 3 nights and an excellent breakfast!! The rooms are small, but they all are in Paris, even the expensive hotels! Montmarte is where the Moulin Rouge is, and famous red light area..sounds dodgy, but isnt!!!
    The staff here are lovely and even helped us plan our day out /Vegetarian restaurants etc

    I use, they have a great choice with reviews only from those who have booked and been!!

    Also to agree with above post re Latin Quater is great, as is near Universities and there are good bars etc nearby!

    Have fun, oh and you have to go ice skating at top of the Eiffel tower!! Its Fab!

    Montparnasse is really handy and a reasonable priced area to stay. Student area so prices are keen.
    Short walk to the tower etc and good rail and metro links

    Try looking at for a place to stay.
    I used it to find a hotel on my last visit and earned free stay dollars.

    Happy holidays

    have a look at good selection in Paris, worth looking at the reviews

    Original Poster

    thanks for you help, which airport is it you flew to, where would the best place to get flights from:whistling:

    Rep added to all of you thanks:thumbsup:

    fly easy jet from liverpool,, real cheap!!!

    All the comments you have received are very good...

    I definitely recommend the Latin Quarter as well. But also Montmarte is quite cheap...

    Any questions or if you need any help, don't hesitate to ask me...

    ENJOY !!!


    From, Nathalie.

    Best airport to fly to is Charles de Gaulle Easyjet, BA, BMI Baby etc fly to this airport. Ryanair fly to Beauvais which is about an hour or so outside the city, there is a regular bus service from the airport to the centre of Paris.

    A friend of mine recently went to Paris and got a good price on her hotel from


    7th arrondissement on the left bank of Seine river is a great location if you want to be at a walking distance from Eiffel tower. Its is the neighboring area to Latin Quarter (5th and 6th arrondissement ) so you also will be close to great night life. It is supposed to be more expensive area but you can find some two and three star hotels under €100. I would recommend Hotel du Champs de Mars or Grand Hotel Leveque two star properties with rooms at €75 with fantastic location.

    Montmartre (18th arrondissement) is also very nice but more out of the way if you you want to stay close to Eiffel tower. It isn't too much of a problem since Paris public transport system will get you anywhere from everywhere in a snap.

    If you want to find out what each area has to offer before you book a hotel this website has a good overview ]Where To Stay In Paris

    Enjoy your stay
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