Where to stay/Places to go..Stratford Upon Avon area

    I'm thinking about taking the family (wife+2 kids) for a few days away to Stratford Upon Avon ...or thereabouts. - last week of August.

    Can anybody give me some advice/links to cheap hotels/places to go.

    Kids are both aged under 11..



    Make sure you visit Henley In Arden either on the way to Stratford or way out depending on where your coming from.
    Stop at the ice cream parlour and have a real ice cream, they are lovely.

    There are plenty of b&b's in Stratford or just outside the town centre depending on your budget.

    It's a lovely place especially when the suns out !!

    Have a nice time.

    type in 'evesham road, stratford upon avon, b&b' into google should yeild you alot of results.

    Theres a fantastic butterfly farm there which the kids will love, you can hire a boat and go out on the river for the day, I can totally recommend going on the open topped tour bus too - its not very expensive but you'll learn loads about the history and monuments. Plus you'll get some great photos too ;-)

    The best thing to do is to check out when the bulldog bash and global gathering is on - because if your looking for a relaxing time away you dont want to be there for those. It gets very crowded, the traffics a nightmare, and only the more expensive hotels seem to be left.

    Have a great time!

    and I totally forgot...

    go to this website:

    it lists all the great places to see, things to do, and places to stay
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