Where to store tax free money?

    I am likely to be going to work abroad in the Middle East again. I will be earning a good salary but want to shift excess money it out of that geographical area to a safe account elsewhere. I will not be liable for tax as I would not be a tax paying citizen. I'm not looking for a big investment return, simply I want the money in an account where it is safe and accessable when I get back.

    Don't bother with all the 'I'll look after it comments', seen 'em before... any finace whizzo's have some real advice?

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    Backed up by Government with no limit (i think) unlike High Street Banks (£50k limit i think)

    Not great return, but safe, assuming double no dip recession doesn't come followed by a depression and global financial collapse…b=7

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    thanks - rep

    My bank account or paypal account would be good!!
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