Where to upload my essays so they cant be copied?

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Found 30th Sep 2010
Hi everyone. I want to upload all my essays/my dissertation onto the internet. Partly so that my relatives can read them and also so that people in the years below me can read and reference from them. What I don't want is people to just copy chunks out of them without referencing properly. From being a student myself I know that this is a lot more likely if you just disable the ability to copy and paste. Thus I think I should maybe be uploading them as pdf documents rather than word documents. Can anyone advise as to where I could do this so that 1) people cannot "save" the pdf file 2) people cannot copy and paste chunks of the essays?


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If you only want certain people to see it, you could create a facebook group with invite only access, and then stick them on there... as photos?

What about turnit in? Once uploaded and identified as original work all subsequent passages plagiarised by other students will be highlighted to tutors or others concerned.
It will not stop them if they want to copy it as nothing can.

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I think my university used that when I was there, so nobody from there should be able to copy it. I dont mind my work being available to a wider audience - I would actually prefer it to be used, so it feels more useful, I just would prefer people to maintain a proper academic standard and reference it!!

convert them to PDF (don't print to PDF becuase you can still highlight, copy and paste text)

Download PDF Creator, u can set lots of secuirty on the document such as printing copying opening etc, just make sure you select them all

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Thanks guys. I have downloaded pdf creator now, im just trying to figure out how to use it!

As above. I use a PDF printer. You can highlight, cut and paste from a PDF as I do this myself. I have some huge documents in Publisher (some nearly 100mb) so PDF is a space saver for me. I upload to archive.org if any are for others to see, and to box.net for private storage.


if someone wants to copy it wont they just copy it manually, a bit more times yes, but if they dont want to do the work it is just as easy to copy it word for word anyway


if they can read it they can copy it

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Thanks all for your input, i'll take your suggestions on board!
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