Where will i get....

    a dwarfs hat and ears!! Hen party............ sleepy lol!!!


    surely you just need a normal sized hat and ears cos if you get dwarf size ones they won't fit you :P

    unless of course you are a dwarf

    in which case I apologise profusely

    Original Poster

    Always one....

    What type of midget hat? Like this?

    emasu;2031195 a hat

    what a scary lookin man lol (in the pic !!!)

    Original Poster


    which one is you? ;-)

    Original Poster

    Thats a smurf dan, i need a dwarf as in Sleepy from the 7 dwarfs

    Original Poster


    which one is you? ;-)

    The black one


    The black one



    Thats a smurf dan, i need a dwarf as in Sleepy from the 7 dwarfs…946

    dwarfs are quite hard to find lol

    emasu;2031319 are quite … are quite hard to find lol

    is that cos they is small?

    Original Poster

    Thanks for your help dan, I'll see what i come up with ....cheers!

    A dwarf in a bikini would be an easy option!!
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