Where would you go with a £500 budget for two?

Posted 26th Nov
Ok, you have a budget of £500 for flights and hotel for 2 during feb half term 15/2 - 23/2.

Where would you go anywhere in the world?
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Canary Islands might be in budget.
Skiing Aviemore is great in February
Poland .
I can't see that budget being enough for a week if I'm honest unless it's a last minute deal, but I would aim for tenerife as they still fly there during winter months and it might be warm enough for a t shirt in the day.... I say might
Florence, Blackpool, Prague (the holy trinity of culture)... or stay at home
Chamonix, fly to geneva (sleazyjet) pre-book an alpy bus for travel.

pick up your valley travel card (free travel via trains & buses).

Drink, eat, sip coffee's, drink good beers, admire the mountans, perhaps ski too!
It can be done on a budget
We did Tenerife last February for £400 5 days all inclusive. X
parisp26/11/2019 23:42

We did Tenerife last February for £400 5 days all inclusive. X

Actually. Probably a bit less than that. Can’t remember exactly but love holidays is a good website to start as you can put the whole month and any destination on your search filters et
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The local off-licence.
You asked this 4 days ago..


didnt you you get the answer you wanted as most of the answers, you could do for that budget easily....
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