Where would you look?

Hey guys,

After a little bit of advice off everyone. If you were looking for a puppy. Where would you look? (thisis as if you are buying not looking for one thats lost)

I am trying to think of everywhere I can advertise my upcoming litter of puppies, at the moment there is no breed club for the breed, so can't advertise there, however if you were looking for a certain breed where would you start?

Also what about the ad would make you enquire further?


RSPCA, BlueCross, Local Papers and Local Pet Shops.

Pets at Home always have a board near their entrances with Private adverts for animals. If there's one near you that is!

A good Photo is usually enough to hook someone!

The local vets should have a notice board - i'm sure they won't mind you posting an ad.

Original Poster

thanks for the advice guys keep it coming.

I do have 2 pets at home stores near me so I'll check them out and heading to epupz now, hadn't thought of using the vet notice board either!

I'll also try the local papers, though will have to track some down first as we rarely get any lol

bod emrys

Have never used it, but I know of this site:http://epups.co.uk/

What a fantastic site, wish I hadn't looked now though :roll:

I've just sold a puppy so I can recommend a few


Get them on asap as a lot of people will want to view before they are ready - the plus side of that is that you can ask for a deposit to reserve their chosen puppy. I've found that pics of new born puppies get more interest.

Good luck!

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Thanks angel, pups aren't born yet so I am hopefully giving myself enough time. I'll be posting pics on here when they are though

Diamond Free Ad/ Gumtree/ Any local all adds up boards (council offices/library etc?)... Here? :P

Very cute pawnstail, I'm sure you will have no problem selling them.

Good luck and be sure to post some pictures here when they are born.

£850 for a dog...they're free at my boozer..well apart from the price of a drink!!


£850 for a dog...they're free at my boozer..well apart from the price of … £850 for a dog...they're free at my boozer..well apart from the price of a drink!!

A stiff one?:whistling: :whistling:

£850 for a Dog, is that the going rate? I cannot imagine paying that much for a mutt.:?
Good luck.:thumbsup:

Original Poster

£850 is cheaper then a few breeders lol, they are very rare dogs, therefore the cost of breeding is high.

When I originally bought my dog I had to import her, as have most of the other breeders. They are defo worth the cost though.

Unfortunatley quite a lot of these sites I've tried to advertise on haven't got the breed listed grr.
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