Whereare the deals? a cak skoda and some diabetes biscuits

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Found 8th Jan 2011
where have all the deals gone?
Its the january sales and all i can see that is hot is some muffins ( that gets posted every 3 months ) and a skoda?

why dont people just post everything in the "pound shop" and be done with it.

its just posts on cheap food and out of date dvds nowdays.

and I know what you are going to say: "why dont you go and post something"

I am making a point not debating :P


dont post your rants in the 'deals' section


Moved from deals to misc - to be fair usetheforceluke, muffins and skodas are better deals than this one- you didn't even list a price or merchant

"you aint seen nuthin til you're down on tha muffin"

I think some people are scared to post any deals here, just in case it gets voted cold and they get a shrunken epeen.

There seems to be a lack of hdmi cable deals!!
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