Where's Control Panel gone which let you see when someone replied to a thread u were subscribed to?

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You have to pay a small fee to get the extras now on this site.

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I really hope it is coming back when the problems are ironed out, as this as it is......is just crap!

It's gone.

I am looking and I have not seen a response about this issue in here of feedback from a moderator?

dunno but it looks bad overall. a lot of the images are not displaying properly. it looks like some dodgy site now :-(

Where are the threads that I have been commenting on? Its also a slower site now.

Hate the new look, with no "control panel"

Pay for the control panel?

Hahahaha jokers

awful new look

You can find your "subscribed to" threads under SETTINGS; ACTIVITY.
But don't know if they update if there is a reply in the thread.

Did one of my posts just disappear???
I'm sure I posted I hated the new look without a Control Panel.

oO Its not nice this I don't like change

Oops it's up there^^^^

Can you change page view back to 50? not just this stupid 10 posts?

How much are they charging?

Iam not liking the new layout either

Please admin or mods or whoever change it back ffs there was nothing wrong with the "old" layout...this one is truely terrible!


Im finding the site impossible to use, I cant find anything without the control panel.
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