wheres is extraction on the disc?

Found 17th Feb 2011
just recieved my copy, cant find it on the disc.. not under extras which i thought it would be (have LE)
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I am needing a clue, but my guess is that it is not on the disc but the floppy. Since I have no idea what you are talking about, I reserve the right to be wrong
You sure you bought the limited edition version?
u on about dead space 2 ?? check for he code on back of instructions.
oops yeah, nah the code is just for MP! limited edition from tesco... where is on your copies?
On the XMB there should be 2 disc options to play, one is for Dead Space 2, the other is for Extraction, which installs it on your ps3.
Then you go to the folder where all your downloaded PSN games go and play it from there.

That is if you have the Ltd edition btw
gawd, went straight onto the main game too quick

thanks nim!

You sure you bought the limited edition version?

There is no "regular" edition at the moment. It is a new EA trick to get you to buy it new before the price drops. You get the "limited" edition for the same price but some time in the future they might reprint the game without the extras.
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