wheres my thread gone?

    the sim card one please



    It says you are banned (again?)when I click on your avatar

    Trying to sell 50 Sim Cards is classed as bulk selling and therefore breaks the FS Forum rules.



    Hu5tler here. Atleast give me a chance to explain ! talk about ignorance. I only did it because i saw some bulk here before and i also thought that if selling as one item it would qualify. Also you could have given me a warning not as if i tried doing bulk selling before. I want to talk with the admin or rayman and emma or edi about this ban.

    Also keep this id active for a little while and i wont use the for sale or trade forum untill i get the response from one of those mods.

    Well looks like on your return you will be banned again for having more than one identity!

    On a good point selling sim cards as one seems sensible to me. Im sure they wouldn't be happy if you posted 50 threads for one sim card each.

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