Hi All
    I have a collection of silver age comics and was thinking about getting certain issuses valued.
    Where would the best place be - even online. And also where would the best place be to sell them
    I have for example uncanny X men No 2 , fantastic 4 No1 etc

    Thanks for any replies in advance


    F4 #1? Jebus. You'll be rich, very rich.
    ComicsPriceGuide gives me this for F4 #1 - ]http//ww…585

    I can't suggest anywhere other than eBay. You could consult your local comic book store.
    179 Shaftesbury Avenue, London - 020 7420 3666

    This is the only big comics shop i know in central london. i have no idea if they still help out in terms of old stuff and i havent been in there since 2000 ... they might know another shop that does.

    Forbidden Planet should do. It's a pretty damn big FP, too. Just gotta pick the right worker :]


    great place expensive though

    are these uk issues of x men and ff? if not then they should fetch a good amount

    I dont think FP will be much use. Older comics aren't as popular as they used to be, premuim ones like the ones you mention still get a decent price though. A lot will depend on condition, if you were selling them privately you'd need them graded by a pro probably. Pick up a magazine called comics international and look through the adverts and call some people up. Some will come to you for a charge i'm sure or they'll sell them for a commission. may be worth it to get them "slabbed" which will cost but may mayke them more valuable.

    this is all presuming they are the oringal US comics from the 60's, if not they're not worth anything.

    Original Poster

    thanks for replies
    these are the original US versions from the 50's and 60's
    also have justice league of america No 1
    there is wear to them but nothing is missin and no tears
    where would be good and reliable to get them valued?

    Original Poster

    where do u get them graded?
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