where's the best place to buy american candy/groceries online?

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Found 6th Jun 2009
my wife is american and i like to treat her now and then to a taste of home. I've got friends over there who can shop and ship for me but the shipping is unreal. Was wondering where's the best place online to buy from with better shipping rates? I've been to a few sites including cybercandy and they aren't the best. Anyone any ideas?

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We shop instore - "Lets Eat" in Milton Keynes. It's quite pricey there but one of the few places you can get stuff. Not even tried the online site but it was on a plastic bag from the store, you might find it helpful. Good luck with it!

Edit: Just had a look and it's free delivery for over £49 spend or £4.90 for UK main land delivery. Still a bit pricey but might be better than shipping from America.


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cheers for the replies, i'll give them a go, anymore appreciated, rep left!

Lucky Charms FTW!

I am American and I've used both of the above sites. They both work fine, and they know they have me by the short hairs so I understand the pricing. Keep in mind you can get some "American" items at Asda (like Campbell's Soup and Grape Nuts) and some items are now here in places (like Reece's Peanut Butter Cups and Oreos) and you don't have to pay through the nose for them.

Now if I can get some Funyuns...
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