Wheres the best place to exchange £-Euro's?

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Found 4th Apr 2009
I'm going on holiday to Dublin on Wednesday, and have about £600 I need converting into Euros. I'm getting very confused, with everyone giving different advice! My bank offers 0% commission, which sounds appealing, but apparently has a poor rate, which isn't. Other people have recommended the post office, others say do it online.

So, has anyone here got any advice on converting my hard-earned £'s to Euro's?

Many thanks,

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Tbh they are all pretty much the same, the difference if negligble unless you are going to be exchanging large amounts, Post Office is pretty good,

Having seen rates in shop windows today Marks & Spencer looked to be the best at 1.0477, seems to be on the way back up the last few days as was under 1.03 a few days ago.....

The travelex website has previously been good for me, order online collect at the airport, so might be worth having a look

You'd probably get the best rates by withdrawing your money from an ATM in Dublin

The travel money maximiser on ]MSE is good..

I usually use Marks & spencers They dont charge commision but did see a rate of 1.05 but not sure what shop think it was holiday hypermarket but thats the best rate i have seen in a while
have a good time in Dublin

Look at the rates being offered
0% commission is meaningless
M&S were offering 1.04 for £1.00 this morning if that helps.
Have a great time I love Dublin :thumbsup: and all that black velvet drink and double cream mmmmm

First thing is to find a time machine. Then go back 2 years. Everywhere will have a much better rate so you will not feel as pressured to find the best deal.
If only....

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Repped all repliers, thanks for the help!
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