Where's the best place to sell an Amiga?

Found 12th May 2009
I'm having a clear out and I've come across a couple of old Amiga computers, a 500 and a 1200.

My question is where's the best place for me to sell them? I've searched on here and not found anyone selling any before is that because they're weighty so I'm thinking postage won't be cheap? In which case am I best getting rid of them at a car boot sale?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Any idea how much I should be asking for them? Neither are boxed.


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Don't sell them!!!!
They are a great memory item to look back on over the years. I regret selling my old 500.

The best place to sell an amiga is .... 1986!

hav a look on ebay and see what similar ones are going for.


The best place to sell an amiga is .... 1986!

Dam, beat me to it! :-D

ebay is the best place to look, search on completed sales that will give you an idea of the prices people are willing to pay P&P is likely to be costly heavy pieces of kit!

If they meant anything to you when you were younger, I'd check they work, then wrap and box them up carefully and store them somewhere like a loft for another 15 years ;-)

Not worth much at the moment, but they will be one day if they're kept in working order...

I'd say AV forums as you can't list for 7 days due to the new crazy rule

The Victoria and Albert Museum?

Flog It on BBC!

What games do you have with the 1200? I spent ages on Lemmings 2 Tribes and Zool back when I had mine.

Have both A500+ and A1200 - get them down from the loft every year or so to check they still work and always end up playing Chaos Engine for hours ....!
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