Where's the best place to watch American football online?

    Title says it all


    As always My P2P
    Very annoying i have sky but wanna watch the bears every week......
    You'll need to install software......

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    cheers mate that looks great. Btw what software would u recommend on it? streamtorrent looks like its the most widely used.

    i dont have a team yet, just enjoy watching different teams for there respective offence or defense. Should really settle on 1 team though lol

    No worries, nice to know of another NFL'er on here
    I have Stream Torrent but also Sopcast, TVU, Veetle, erm, all they tell me to have!!!
    ST is fine but will often be delayed and can be choppy best if poss to get on a flash-based browser based stream.
    Let me know which team you end up with, unless it's the Packers
    PS, streams aren't always very good quality alas, this week does look poor but it's better than nowt
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    LOL why the hell is there so many versions!!

    Latest Update
    Latest Update (1)
    Latest Update (2)
    Myp2p StreamTorrent Fast
    StreamTorrent (Fast 1)
    StreamTorrent (Overview)
    StreamTorrent (Portable)
    StreamTorrent 0069
    StreamTorrent 0073
    StreamTorrent 0073 (2)

    cheers for the help mate, it gets annoying not being able to see NFL in this country.
    lol never liked the packers, honestly colts offense-turns me on a little lol

    Use the myp2p stream torrent fast, 4th one from the top.
    As for so many, it's a lot to do with hosting as in versions, that place gets REAL busy about 2:55pm on a saturday
    Don't like Manning either
    i'll convince ya, Bears D is fun, offence is laughable though!

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    do u have to wait for it all to buffer???

    i just loved a good passing game.
    so u wouldnt like him to become ur QB lol??
    are u from chicargo then?

    Yeah, all does take time to buffer, and can be a while.
    I tend to get online as soon as i can and open as soon as streams up and running
    Watch a web based browser, minimise ST whilst it buffers and then, open ST up and all's good!
    Passing game, get on Denver then, Kyle Orton is the top passer so far i think.
    No thanks, you can take the Mannings and stick them, erm, in Aussie Rules lol
    No, from sunny Manchester

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    *Ah 30% my net just kept cutting out lol.

    Watching the patriots v the ravens. Looked like the best game out there to me

    Quality looks great....shame about the french commentary, i like commentary.

    I hope you enjoy it, hope Ray Lewis eats Brady (yes, another QB i don't like :p)
    Hope you're ok now and it's all working
    Best think to do, is experiment i guess
    9pm games might be better, fewer games, might be fewer streamers but might be a time to experiment. I'll be off by then but pleased you made it, even if it's en Francais
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