wheres the bouncy castle thread gone???

Found 18th Feb 2008
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Dont no when u last looked but were now up to page 27
type in 70p in the search bar. its the 3rd thread down.
make sure you have expired turned on
Ordered mine last night - just had an e-mail cancelling the order - what a disappointment, but not surprising I guess!:-(
I got an email saying thanks for the order and they have senti t too the warehouse. Whats the betting the warehouse has run out of stock Still worth a try

here the original deal thread. I didn't order but my friend did,I just called her up,I've asked her to see if she had an email in to say cancelled yet,she said she check emails cos comp not on and let me know.
I'll be surprised if people get but sometimes these things slip through.
Just Got this email.
Dear customer

We refer to your order for - 8ft Bouncy Castle with Slide at 70p, which we recently received.

The Focus website contains a large number of products and it appears that, despite our best efforts, the price of this particular product stated on the Focus website at the time you placed your order was incorrect. The correct price is £70.

This discrepancy came to light after you placed your order. Whilst we automatically charge the correct price where the price quoted is more than the correct price we do reserve the right to reject orders where a product's correct price is higher than the price stated on the website.

In this instance the price shown on the Focus website was so significantly below the correct price that we have decided that we must reject your order, in accordance with paragraph 5 of our Conditions of Business.

The error has now been corrected and if you still wish to order this product at the correct price please would you place a further order.

Please accept our apologies for the disappointment and any inconvenience caused by this error, which we deeply regret.

Yours sincerely
Please continue the discussion in the original thread for now. Thanks.

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