wheres the cheapest i can get sensors for my car

    so i can tell before i reverse into something


    I assume that you mean "To avoid reversing into something." rather than having the pleasure of knowing you're going to reverse in to something before you feel the bump along with random thoughts of mechanics rubbing their hands and your credit card melting in your wallet. :w00t:

    Anyhoo, is it something like this you're after? ]http//ww…RS2

    Amazon, E-Bay and Deal Extreme all have plenty of variety when it comes to parking sensors. Prices vary from a tenner to fifty quid.
    I got some from E-Bay which have four sensors fitted into rear valance/bumper, the control unit sits in the boot and is powered from the reversing light, a dashboard unit shows the distance in centimetres and has a green/amber/red display and uses audible tones as well. Item number 310104550402 is pretty similar.

    Amazon have a few listed, ]click here for a quick search.

    at the moment woolies are selling the JML ones for £23.99, hubby has just bought some for our car and theye are pretty good

    Maplin have a jazzed up wireless cam one down to £49.99 from £79.99....looks pretty good too


    saw these in woolworths sale at the weekend hope they still got them in for you

    woolworths at lakeside have them for only £ 5 tonight i saw it
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