Where's the cheapest place to get a PS3

    Just wondering what is the current best deal for the PS3 320gb.

    Seen the following:…252

    PS3 - 320gb Playstation 3 Bundle (Includes Pro Evolution 2011) £259.93 - free del @ THE HUT…315

    Sony Playstation/PS3 320GB Console + Gran Turismo 5 Collector's Edition only £274.99 @ &!

    I don't like PES and to be honest I don't want to wait till sometime in the future (ie maybe next year or the year after) for the Amazon deal. Yes I do like GT but am worried it may not be released

    Or should I hold off another month or so? Has anyone any views as I can wait if needed, but I don't want to have missed the boat on the amazon deal if GT5 is released on-time & no other deals are as good (ie sub £275)

    Any thoughts or is this a stupid topic as no-one can predict future prices?


    GT5 is going to be released on time, obviously the retailers have the copies in their warehouses, there have been deals the last few days, notably best buy sold 1000 copies today for £29.99 (£26.99 with voucher code).

    Id go for the GT5 bundle myself personally


    someone else's house

    ive got one, you can have for £50

    got YLOD though

    Original Poster


    someone else's house

    Give me their address & i'll get the boys round!

    Any actual deals online? I like the GT5 version as I loved the old games on the PS2 but am worried about delays. But is it likely the PS3 can go sub £250 in a package deal?


    £199 in sainsburys!

    unless you really need 320gb. never got more than half full on my 80gb one

    I'm having similar thoughts at the moment, I've got a 120gb PS3 Slim that is just over a year old. Thinking of eBaying it and getting a new 320GB as i use my PS3 a lot for PlayTV, more space would be ace.

    Just holding out for the best pre-Christamas bundle still... the question is how good will they get? (_;)

    True true, but the second hand ones sell well, and my years warranty is up, it's an early slim so has the hotter processors. I see no reason to buy a new HDD for my old console when I can sell it for nearly the same price as it will cost me to get a newer, bigger storage PS3 with a few new games thrown into the bundle

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    Thanks for the responses still uncertain about the £225 deal with ebay outlet? Should I go for that now or wait till before xmas??? decisions, decisions, decisions ...

    The new amazon deal is pretty decent if you want Gran Turismo
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