Wheres the DUCK ?

    Whereas the duck ( Duckmagic that is ) ?
    He used to be all over hotukdeals. Now we never hear from him !

    [U Heres my theory let me know yours

    All the cheque clearance houses are really worried about the demise of the personnel cheque. Nobody uses cheques anymore.
    What to do, profits were down.
    Then someone thought up a fantastic idea. Encourage people to use, at that time , the under used cashback on mobile phones.
    A pseudonym was thought up ( Duckmagic ) and the program was started. It was a huge success . In just a few months ducky had encouraged thousands of cashback deals and cheques were flying around everywhere.
    The clearance houses fearing that someone might smell a rat have now pulled their campaign hence no Duckmagic posts.

    Over to you 8-)


    I always thought DuckMagic was a girl.......

    Anyway, I hear he has been taken into a mental institution......................................he went quackers !:roll:

    lol .

    Nice one ChrisUK...or maybe he met his Orange?

    He is definitely around. He popped up on the Christmas Lights thread last night... in fancy dress!
    Funnily enough, I was wondering what has happened to Rayman because I hadn't seen him around for a while. But, when I searched for posts by him there were loads. I think this forum is just growing so big that we don't bump into our old friends as often as we used to.

    Both are still around and will pop in later I guess

    Them like me seem to be more busy I guess, especially with other offline activities

    Yeah still around I guess we're all busy in and out of HotUKDeals.

    Good to see you're turned on your lights and have started up your Christmas list thread in the Deal Request forum too Christmasshopper :-D That really went well last year!

    As fordy says, ducky has been here too PiratePete and he'll no doubt have a :giggle: at your theory ;-)

    Hehe at ChrisUK and currychops is that orange as in network?


    Hehe at ChrisUK and currychops is that orange as in network?

    could be rayman..but I was thinking more of a dead duck!

    Whoops. :-( I have tried to stick around, just been so busy lately I've hardly found any time to do anything. Just not enough hours in the day, and you guys are getting too good at finding mobile deals, hehe.

    I'm here though, and I'm off to find some deals. I've been answering all the requests I've been sent.

    I have been posting, just not as many deals recently unfortunately. :-( I'm looking to get back in full swing as soon as possible.

    Nice to see you back
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