Wheres the easiest place to learn to drive?

Posted 22nd Jul 2011
Just bored.

Glasgow has box junctions, fife, long winding roads/lots of roundabouts, etc.

Is there an ideal place to learn to drive, ya know, like two straight roads or something?
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lol - get more confidence with driving , have some more lessons etc , everywhere you go will have issues ( hence it being a test ( non sarcastic ) - probaly go more to an area that plays to your strengthes in driving ?
my 17 year old has just "fired" his driving instructor - bloomin kids! He has now chosen a different driving school, don't know how he thinks he will pass any quicker by doing that!
In the drivers seat.

Seriously, if someone is learning from scratch and has no idea, its best to find a huge empty car park somewhere, where they can learn/practice basic stop/start manoeuvres, and generally get used to the feel of it without the pressure of other road users. Then when they can stop, start and steer consistently then get an instructor and start to learn properly. I'm not a fan of family members teaching each other to drive. Patience is a little lacking and they can transfer their own bad habits.
In a car??
There's always the M8. Or Broxburn. It's a town that's basically just one long street.
Milton keynes

Milton keynes

was gonna say this ... endless maze of roundabouts....
come to thailand - took me just a couple of hours to pass car and bike test, it was a joke - they did not even look when i was going around the poxy little circuit on my moped - now i can drive a 1000cc bike! i think i can get an international license now for uk.

anyway, you dont really learn how to drive until you pass your test and drive for real on the roads, its just luck if you pass a test in uk i reckon - i crashed 3 days after i passed mine
apparently in T'egypt all you have to do is drive 1metre forward then 1 metre in reverse ... test passed !!
come over here and transfer it to a british licence
I learned long before I took my test by stealing cars and joyriding, good for fitness when the law cathes up with you as well, a good run always made me feel better. I'd recommend this to any parents with older teens.
kirkcaldy seems to be a good place to learn to drive plenty of straight roads around there and the dual carrigeways also very few roundabouts iirc
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Come to the isle of man, very easy compared to the uk, no motorways or dual carriage ways
I hope you fail ~ no pressure
When i took my lessons many moons ago, it was in Banglashiels or Pollokshiels to those that dont know the area and a few days before my test they told me it was going to be in Anniesland. Failed it of course as to not really knowing the area too well and my instructor was stinking of booze, but roads were pretty straight,no roundabouts that i can remember
When I learnt to drive I was given the choice to either do the test in Warrington or Nortwich with this piece of advice

"Warrington is one of the hardest places in the UK to pass first time and Nortwich is one of the easiest. Which one do you want?"
There is a large industrial estate near me that I did most of my learning at.

The roads are all laid out in a cross hatch so it was easy to practise left and right turns. Little to no traffic at certain times and it had car parks and dead ends to practise manoeuvres. It even had a dual carriageway at one end for when I got better at driving.

When I was on my lessons you would see dozens of other learners as it must have been a popular spot for teaching.
I always remember commenting to my driving instructor that i would be nervous having to drive anything but the 'school' car, and he told me "you are learning to drive... a motor vehicle - not just one!" If you learn to drive in area fraught with challenging obsticles - it should make you a much more experienced driver in the long run. A good school/instructor, should make sure that you will be capable of a wide variety of conditions - night driving, busy town driving, narrow winding rural roads, dual carriageways etc. If you shy away from attempting these 'hazards' with a trained expert by your side - your confidence will be shattered when you have to do it 'flying solo'.
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