Where/what is the best price for quality energy efficient bulbs

    Been playing with the idea of purchasing quality energy efficient bulbs for some time. Always looking in tesco, is there anywhere that is generally quite reasonable in price for these? Looking for E14 edison bulbs.

    What's the consensus on these? has anyone done the math on if they're worth the extra cash?


    Are you looking at CFL or LED?

    Personally I don't like CFL, I find they dim quite quickly and start to take ages to start up.

    I've swapped most of the house over to LED. The power consumption of the whole house is less than what the kitchen used to be on it's own!

    The savings aren't huge as the cost of the bulbs takes a good proportion of the savings. Most of the bulbs come with statements saying the LEDs will last 10 years etc - they may well, but the driver circuits behind them rarely do!

    I purchased a set of bulbs for the kitchen which I'm really happy with (light wise etc) but I think every bulb has now failed - all after approx 1 year give or take a month or two. Luckily it was just the capacitor inside which had failed, so I replaced the cheap no-make capacitor with a Panasonic one (40p each) and the bulbs have continued to work perfectly. I can't comment on how long they will now last but the first failed bulb was about 5 months ago and is still going strong.

    Personally looking back - I don't think the LED bulbs are quite ready yet, and I would avoid cheapy ones. The branded ones should be better but then cost so much more that it is hardly worth it. I am happy with our current setup and it does mean that all the frequently used areas have LED lighting which is instantly on, nice and bright and energy efficient. I only have 5 bulbs in the house which aren't LED and 4 of those are the CFL energy savers and 1 is a fluorescent tube in the garage.

    Wilko are generally cheaper than most for light bulbs.

    IKEA I find them excellent for what your after.

    ebay 12 watt led
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