Which 160gb portable Hard Drive (looking @ PC World of all places) ???


Looking at a 160gb portable drive & a few within a £5 spread at PC world. (easy to pick up there)

Any advice appreciated.



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Theres better :-)

I have the freecom and that is good but the WD Passport is probably just as good (slightly more stylish case) and a little cheaper. Generally there won't be too much performance difference between them...

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WD Passport not in stock near me - poo

They're standard laptop hard drives in metal and plastic cases, there's not going to be a lot of difference between them. I like western digital and the look of the portable elements one so I'd go for that, but just pick the one you like.

Do be aware that they take almost all the power a USB port can provide so they don't work too well with USB extensions, unpowered USB hubs or a few older motherboards. I think a lot of them come with a second USB power lead (or a split one) so you can take up two USB ports if that's the case though.

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Cheers for advice.

Ended up not buying from PC World but from its close relative Dixons.

Got the WD Passport 160gb for £49.99 (and £1.50 from Quidco) so £48.49 with free delivery. May well be a hot deal!

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