Which 32" HDTV to go for?

Found 30th Aug 2007
Hi I have been waiting for the price to drop for a while now on the Panasonic TX32LXD70 and have today seen it in Richer Sounds for £599. I would try and price match this at John Lewis to get their 5 year guarantee.

However I have also seen the Samsung R87 32" at £400 on here and this got 5 stars in the latest What Hi Fi Sound and Vision magazine.

Is the Panasonic worth the extra £200? I realize it has 100MHZ and a slightly higher contrast ratio, but does that equate to a £200 price difference? I have found the Panasonic for about £580 elsewhere but only with a 1 year guarantee.

Any advice or is there a better 32" I should be considering?

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the av fourms might be a better place to answer this question, although a few on here might be able to give you some advice.


a £300 mirai would do the job nicely too!

My samsung is fine, but it's last years model (silver triangle bottom) and it's not really much better than the mirai I bought for the parents living room. Couldn't believe the quality of that tv when it arrived.

100mhz initially sounds like a great idea but there are comments that when switched on it can create artifacts on screen......

It is supposed to reduce motion blur but the advise seems to be if you buy one with this feature make sure you have the option of switching it off...

I'm very tempted by the Pan Tx32lmd70 or the Philips 32PFL5522 which can be got for around £450 (last time I checked)
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