Which 32" LCD for PS3? (£500 Max)

    Hi all,

    I'll be getting a PS3 over xmas and will be looking to buy a new tv for my bedroom. I'm on a budget so can't spend more than £500 but would like to try and get the best possible tv mainly for PS3 use and also for watching standard Sky. Can anyone give advice on what specs/features I should be looking for?

    So far I notice not many 32" Tv's are 1080p and the ones that are, are very expensive. Does 1080p matter at 32"? Or is 720p/1080i good enough for this size? Also is ratio, resolution, hertz important? I was looking at the Samsung SAMSUNG LE32R88BD for around £460. I've read that the audio is quite average on this tv but for the price it seems decent to me. Any opinions/advice would be greatly appreciated.



    some good questions you asked there

    1. When you refer to 1080p/720p that is the resolution. Right now i have the sony kdl-s3000 which is 720p and i use it to paly my 360 on an its fine. As you say ive heard that having full hd i.. 1080p doesnt make that much of a differnce at such a small screen size and in my opinion 720p is fine. However its upto you and if youre a videophile it may be worth your trouble especially if your going to be talking advantage of that blueray player.

    2. The contrast ratio is important as its the difference in light and dark area's on the screen however its important to note that that not all manufactuers measure this the same way. In any case the better this is the better the picutre and the more expensive the tv.

    3. The hertz- i dont think this makes that much of a differnce. All news lcds and plamas can cope with the different 50hz and 60hz games that are available.

    Hope this helps and i apoligise if its not all accurate- its good to read up yourself and avforums is the best place to start.

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    Thanks for the advice brohood. I'll check out av forums aswell. I might go for that Samsung but will probably wait till just after xmas to see if the price goes down at all!
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