Which 32" tv do i buy?

    Hi i am after a 32" tv but there are so many i don't know which to buy could anyone help.Also is it worth waiting a while until that next [COLOR="Red"]HOT DEAL[COLOR="Black"][/COLOR][/COLOR] is posted.:-D


    Depends on your budget....many many people will insist on a brand name, but you can get a decent set for around £400 delivered, sets like AOC, Hannspree and Mirai (spelling?) all offer fantastic value for money with great picture and specs.
    I have been looking for a tv myself and viewed MANY, and i personally reccomend staying away from the Bush sets at argos.




    Probably at the higher end of a budget, but I can highly recommend this Samsung at…tml

    Although you can get a number of screens for far less, as mentioned by Shanecr above, the specifications of the Samsung are far greater.

    [SIZE=2]You have to look at what you have to spend and see what you want. There are quiet a lot of TV deals on here so I would see what comes up, prices are dropping all the time. I bought ]this which has dropped £300 in 3 months.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=2]If you are looking at a cheaper option, I was considering one of the Hyundai Tv available from ]Novatech (I live near there) as they seem to get good reviews.[/SIZE]

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    Hi thanks for your help much appreciated. :thumbsup:

    As you may have noticed there is a big jump from one range of TV's to another, this is because the higher end ones will support 1080p which is the higher resolution HD spec. most of the lower TV's will only do 720p - which is still great quality, but if you are a movie buff or play xbox 360 you might want to dish out the extra cash to have the best quality.

    The 32" Techwood Hd Tvs at Woolworths are currently £379.99 and i have been told that they have philips parts in them and comes with wall brackets
    hope that helps!

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    Hi yes thanks for the information.

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    thanks :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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    Thanks for the info

    I'd go for the 32" Regza Toshiba

    two HDMI inputs, excellent screen

    John lewis have it for £699 inc delivery and 5 years warranty…spx

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    Hi thanks but it is out of stock.

    If your on a budget I would personally go for a 32" HD Ready Mirai. Just recently had mine delivered and I must say im very impressed with it. Great value for money, great looking tv, and great specs for the price.

    After a lot of research and reading hundreds of great reviews about this brand, mainly on av forums, I found out that Mirai are a relatively new name in Europe they are part of the huge Chi Mei Corporation, which is based in Tawain.They set up a European head office in the Netherlands in 2005. They generally produce and supply panels for some of the big brand LCD tv manufacturers, and are currently one of the top 3 LCD manufacturers in the world.

    My TV has a good build and looks way more expensive than the £443 I paid for it. I opted for the Mirai DTL-632V200. The 32" Mirai DTL-532W100 also seems to be a popular model. The thing that swayed me to this brand apart from the great reviews was that 6.5ms response time and the 1200:1 Contrast Ratio. It is both Sky HD ready and Xbox 360 ready and I have tested it on both of these and it gives a fantastic image.
    You can generally get a 2 year manufacturers warranty on these sets (in some cases 3 years).
    I would recommend you check out AV forums for more info on this Brand of LCD tv.

    Although the £443 I paid for my Mirai TV from Scan Computers was not the cheapest I had seen it (£15-£20 cheaper elsewhere), I decided to purchase it from them as they seemed to be the most reliable. I tested out the reliability of the customer services of the 3 sites I had shortlisted before making my purchase just in case any problems should arise in the future with my tv. I tried ringing the customer services of both Overclockers UK and Direct TVs, but got no answer from either of them after a lengthy wait on the phone (30+ mins). I tried Scan Computers customer services with the Non Geographical number that I obtained from saynoto0870 and got through to them on my 1st attempt, I checked with them that they had it in stock, then I ordered it online. I was quoted a 5 day delivery wait time, but surprisingly enough I recieved 4 emails from them that evening to keep me informed of my delivery and the final one contained the city link tracking number. It was delivered to me in:w00t: less than 24hrs from me ordering it. :w00t:

    Hope some of this info helps you in your choice, Im not trying to sway you towards any particular make or model, but If I had the choice of my purchase all over again, then I would definately make the same decisions and the same choice of purchase all over again. :thumbsup:

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    Thank you for all that information i really appreciate it and i am glad that your tv arrived safely.I will take a look a this tv it sounds excellent :thumbsup: Rep added

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    Bump :-D

    sony bravia

    Ordered this 32" from Fast delivery, day after order, and no problems at all :thumbsup: .

    So far I am well pleased. Both picture and sound quality are better than I expected. The PC looks great on a 32" and DVD looks great. Getting SKY in a couple of days, so I will report back with the quality of that.

    I had a look at 2 SONY Bravia the other day, selling at £1150 and £1400 respectivly. Yes, the quality was possibly very slightly better, but for a price of less than £380 delivered the Xv is quite a saving :giggle: .

    My only gripe is that the OSD sometimes is slow to react, but I am sure it can be sorted as it has a 2 years on site service warranty .

    Cheers, Wadadli4Sun

    Do LCD TVs have any kind of 'light leakage' (like laptops), or 'uneven lighting'?

    Nice review saddak, rep added.

    Any chance of somes pics of it in action?


    Hi the Mirai are supposed to be very good make as well worth a look :-D

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    Thanks for the advice guys

    I bought a 32 inch from Evesham for £599 plus 2 years interest free credit and a 3 year warrenty (good rep for a good warrenty too - easy fix or they just swop broken for one that works!). Very very pleased with the quality - woudl def recommend


    HEY NO PROBLEM :thumbsup:

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    Hi what do you think of the AOC 32" models and the Hannspree 32" models i am torn between which one to buy.Also does anybody know which wall brackets are suitable for the above tv's and the best place to buy the wall brackets from.

    heres a couple of options on samsungs for you

    select the LE32R72BX £559.99 here…amp

    follow the instructions, eg remove the scart cable from the bottom and click buy at the bottom, at the basket enter the discount code FEB30TV

    Free Delivery so total price £529.99

    For the LE32R74BX

    go here:…htm


    use the code TENOFF300

    £559.00 delivered

    hope this helps, i have not found them any cheaper as been looking at these two myself, opted for the 72 as on a budget and dont need freeview



    Hi i am after a 32" tv but there are so many i don't know which to buy … Hi i am after a 32" tv but there are so many i don't know which to buy could anyone help.Also is it worth waiting a while until that next [COLOR="Red"]HOT DEAL[COLOR="Black"][/COLOR][/COLOR] is posted.:-D

    I bought 32" bush from Argos incl freeview £450, tesco was 100 dearer it's superb
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