Which 4k tv tk buy?

Posted 2nd Mar
as per title, I am in the process of buying a 55 inch 4k tv. the one I have in mind is the lg 55inch oled c9 for 1299 @ richer sounds inc 6 years guarantee. before I buy this, is there any reason why I shouldn't go ahead with this? lemme know btw 1300 is the max I will spend on a set. Thanks
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I have the C8 and it’s awesome, I couldn’t recommend it enough!

have you owned OLED before?
No I never own one before are they good? I do watch a lot of netflix and amazon prime with my shield pro though. I am using a standard 1080p telly cheers
LG OLED's are widely acknowledged as the best - we have a regular LG 4K and that's pretty awesome
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Cool my current set is LG and never let me down. That's why I am thinking of sticking with them
Cheers pal I think I will order one today then
Enjoy your new telly!!
Enjoy your new OLED, I'm sure you will like it.
Thank you
Go OLED you won’t regret it. Absolutely love my LG OLED
Thanks for the help guys just bought it now
Got it for £1200 with a ton knocked off. Happy days
Just make sure you won't miss having a bigger 65" TV.
Seen a lot of people buy a great 55 " TV and love it but regret not buying s bigger ser
Yes thought about a bigger one but to be honest my room might be a bit too small for one
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