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Found 3rd May 2018
I have narrowed down my choice of TV to Sony XE8596 Samsung MU8000 or Samsung Q6f.

I can get them all at approx the same price so for the TV experts that frequent here which of these would your cash go on please an more importantly why
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Just use this site and wait for one of them to become cheaper than the others. Or wait for a better one to be cheaper

I just bought the XE85, it's ok, but for the size even HD just looks acceptable, if I could have tested then I would probably get a 49" instead. 4k looks good, but not enough content around at the moment to really get the best of the tv.

If you can pop into a store and check out the picture in SD or HD it should help you make up your mind.
There all good tv’s you wouldn’t be disappointed with any of them. I would personally go with Samsung over Sony as i’ve Had bad experiences with Sony but that’s personal choice. Q6f is going to be best for colour. Depending what your using it for it might be worth checking input lag if your gaming
Thanks for this decided to go for the q6f. The Sony deals with SD a little better to my eyes but don't watch an awful lot of that but was put off by the incredibly slow smart TV. Just need to cracking a deal
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