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Found 26th Dec 2014
Hey everyone

Right, the Mrs has commanded me to go find one of these activfry machines. Seen a few deals on here but I can't see one which is definitely the best one.

We primarily need it to fry home made chips, samosas, spring rolls, and other Asian fried stuff. So looking for one which will last and not break the food whilst it's frying.

Any advice is much appreciated, as always.


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I'm still at the debating stage, but from what I'm told the Phillips air fryer tends to sound the best (check out the newer model currys deal on here) plus for me it looks to take up less counter space. people say the absence of a paddle helps as they chew the food up

We had 2 tefal actifrys and while they are good, they are a bit brittle and break quite easily. We now have the Philips airfryer and the build quality is much better.

I have an Actifry which I am very happy with. We looked at the Philips Airfryer this morning as my partner wanted to buy one. The Philips one is basically a glorified fan oven. Actifry has a paddle to turn the food through the small amount of oil used. You can do do curries, risottoes etc in the Actifry. It is bigger than the Philips one. Nothing has broken on mine and it all goes in the dishwasher. If you dont mind it in white, it is only £94 odd.

I swear by my Actifry! it's a couple of years old now and I would be lost without it. I do so much more than chips n finger food, it can tackle popcorn, apples and much more besides. when I use frozen chips I don't need to add oil at all!

my friend has the Phillips air fryer and I really don't like it. you still get that smell like you're cooking chips!

I bought one in the summer and found it a waste of money. It's nothing special, think the oven does a better job.
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