Which advice on Meaco dehumidifiers for 2022?

Posted 10th Dec 2022 (Posted 22 h, 40 m ago)

I would like to get a 1-2 bedroom dehumidifier for my flat and to dry laundry. Several of them are Which recommended on their website which makes matters very confusing.

Does anyone with a membership able to tell me what is the top 3 list of which?

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    I don't quite understand your question...but, I've had a few dehumidifiers...I've currently got 3....I think out of the 3 I've got, I'd recommend the BLYSS WDH-316DB in the house where temperature in house is warm (it's a compressor type)...that's a beast and works well in laundry mode and not bad on electricity usage (200-300W) .I have a Meaco DD8L in the mancave, that is stunning (It's a desiccant type), but I bought that because the temperature is so low that compressor types won't work, but that uses far more electricity maybe 600W at start...but it dries everything within a couple of hours...So, if you want to use which? as a yardstick...I'd have the Meaco DD8L...your choice...
    Thank you for the details

    I think I need compressor type to use in the flat with heating, just remove the humidity.

    I mean the consumer tester Which magazine subscription
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    I have a Meaco Dry ABC Range 12L Compressor Dehumidifier which I use in a single size bedroom door shut with to airers full of clothes and set it on the laundry setting. Withing the time not only ate the clothes dry this is hoodies, tracksuit bottoms etc it only cost pence. I also use it on the landing and in the bathroom (three bedroom house) and it's very afficiant just being 12L ypu have to empty it more often if you don't use the continuous flow option into a larger container.
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