Which Android Video Chat has the most users on screen?

Posted 4th May
I've been using Google Duo for group drinking chats with friends at the weekend. We've combined it with screen casting, so we can all see each other on our TV's. It works well, but not everyone's tile can fit on screen if there are too many of us at one go.

The app is limited to a max of 12 people in the conversation (with only the most active 8 users shown on screen).

Does anyone know of a mobile app that could fit more tiles on screen? I've heard Google Meet might be doing 16 tiles, but it hasn't updated yet.

Any help muchly appreciated.
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depends on screen size
rimalpatel00704/05/2020 11:37

depends on screen size

I think all the phones are around the 6" mark (insert obligatory 'that's what she said joke').

Would that mean if they used a tablet, they would get more tiles on screen? I know google duo actually says that it is limited to 8 active screens, but I'm not sure about others.
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