Which Backup/homebrew card thing for Nintendo DS Lite

    Having just got myself a DS I want to be able to play, erm, back-ups, wathc films, and that sort of thing.

    I was wondering about the cyclods evolution, but it is rather pricey at over £40 with the card, an sd card and delivery.

    As I only really want to play games (and save where I am) and don't care too much about cheats, and slow motion is there a better option? Thanks ;o)


    Dont get an R4DS they are no longer supported, also a lot of fakes out there
    Dont get a Top toy DS, lot of fakes out there and very slow menus with SDHC card

    get the EDGE card…919

    Excellent build quality, constantly updated, can use the Cylcone DS menus etc. Its basicall a clone of the Cyclone without the slo-mo etc.

    The Acekard2 is also meant to be good but Ive never had one, cant go wrong with the EDGE

    I have had DSTT, AceKard2, Edge and Supercard.

    From your description, I would get the AceKard2

    If you have a card reader, get this one:…142

    If you need a card reader, get this one:…811

    DSTT card IMHO

    M3REAL for me

    Original Poster

    I have gone for an Edge card having read about it elsewhere, only £13. Bargain. I hope. Cheers!

    I recommend the DSTT aswell.

    DSTT is fine for me.
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