which bike license?

    Possibly looking to take my bike test and got very confused with all the testing options and routes.

    Im 25 and want a license that will allow me to ride any bike, I had a cbt once but think that expired last year.

    What do I need to do to ride any bike / any size? cheers!


    You need to do a Direct Access and have done a theory with hazard perception pass less than two years old.

    Depending on your riding experience and skill, expect to pay between £500-£800. A CBT is £90-£100 and will let you ride up to anything 125cc and will last two years. No need for theory or hazard perception.

    Personally, if anyone is looking for a commute to work in a city on a bike, a 125cc is perfect. I know you're not but others might find themselves here with that question.

    Hope that helps?

    When I took my test, the ruling was, if you take your test on a 500cc bike and pass, then you can ride any cc bike. But the insurance is a killer, I was with Carol Nash. Take your test on a 500cc bike through Direct Access, and build up your ins. bonus on a smaller bike, then go for the one you want. Anyway Good luck and no getting your knee down.

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    cheers for the advice guys! yea geeadamg a 125 is a great city bike, I have a rs125 for about 2 years but now fancy a zx6 / gsx r or maybe an R1, ive already for 7 years NCB with tesco who can use car / bike together etc. is it really that expensive £5-800?! wow thought it would be maybe £300 tops

    Yeah, they changed it about 18 months back.

    Only reason I know is that I'm on my 4th year of CBT, its about to run out so was gonna do the test. But realised I had to do the theory again (which I passed in 97 when I did my car license). Anyway, 50/50 on the theory - check, 25% on the hazard perception - epic fail. I didn't study, ok - but I totally misunderstood the instructions as to me it contradicted itself, (click only when the hazard changes, click when you see the hazard) I nearly asked but thought I can't be that dumb. Turns out I was, so I am **** off with it, the hazard perception part of the test is broken as its only learning a computer game and has nothing to do with helping you identify hazards because they are all bleedin obvious. Hmmmph. /rant

    But yeah, I have a 125. I'm not looking to upgrade soon and the course just seems too much for something to bank in the future - I'll do it when need/want/can afford to upgrade bike. Learning to drive a car does cost more but you learn over a longer time. From what I worked out, you do the bike course over an extended weekend or short week and it'll cost you about £150 per day.
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    Mate dont jump to a r1 because once you get used to that theres not much after, max go to a 600. Im on a r6 at the moment and im used to the speed and it isnt as fun any more. Also you will drop your first big bike so get a old rubbish one so you make the dumb mistakes on that then move to a nice one.

    Module 1 costs 15 and is easyyyy.. check videos on youtube how to do it, its only about 10 mins long. The second one is road test and costs £75, this one just ride properly and use mirros/livesavers often and watch your speed etc.

    I would say do a 3 day course and just focus and you will pass no problem. It really is easy.

    ^good advice

    I wouldnt go for a 1000cc bike the jump between a 125 to a 600 is massive but a jump from 125 to 1000cc would be astronomical, get yourself a 600 mate learn how to use the bike properly..yes top end is higher on a 1k bike but the 600's always shine in the corners and thats where the real fun is.

    I went from a 125 straight to a kwak 400 then to a zx6r then r6 then back to zx6r I test rode a 1000cc (r1) in between getting the r6 and my new zx6r and there really isnt much difference if at all in the accelleration till about 100+mph I never got the chance to test its top end but im not going to lie im a bloody idiot... a couple of years ago I was coming back from the Ace cafe in london and it was 2am I had a good day in london and on the way back decided to test the zx6r's top end I got to 155mph there was still alot of throttle left but I saw a car up ahead I decided to leave it at that as I didnt want to jinx myself so I slowed down I didnt want to risk it because at that speed im just a dot in his mirror but in 3 seconds im right behind was a foolish idea.

    I'll never do that **** again though unless its on a speed run on a certain air strip where its properly supervised and legal.


    To be honest some 6's have better accelleration than 1000s. I would jump to a 400 sportbike like vfr etc. Could get one for 1k then have that for 6 months or so and learn how to ride. You wont loose much money when you sell it to, could even get the same money back if you buy in winter and sell by summer.

    Sportsbikes really aint that forgiving like some bike such as sv650, bandit etc but they are more fun.

    Get a 400 or 600 max. Remember you gotta crawl before you walk

    Id be careful with getting a 400 though, mine was in good condition most are not and when it comes to repairs and parts they are a little harder to find. zx4r's are nippy and the engines are high revving they look the part as well but they are a little more tempremental than newer bikes nowadays, I replaced the cam chain on mine and clutch cable and it made the world of difference but if you drop it bear in mind like most sports bikes it costs alot more to repair than say a er5 or cb500


    Yeah i would say and old cb500 is a great first bike. Not too powerful but big and powerful enough to get used to bikes.
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