Which bike to get?

    I currently have a Giant Boulder (so to speak) which has done me well over the past few years, after doing a ride at the weekend I looked at a few models and am thinking about getting an upgrade.

    I tend to mainly ride on roads, some tracks etc. (Rutland Water for example if anyone knows it)

    The bloke in the shop mentioned a 'hybrid' - which I thought were electric. He said they have thin wheels for the road, front suspension which can be locked on or off, so fine for all surfaces, but better than a mountain bike on roads.

    Firstly, is that tosh?

    The place I went only sold Giant bikes, and of their ones I really liked the Roam 1 model. Any ideas for other brands that are reasonably decent. I quite like the Specialized Rockhopper, I presume Specialized are still a decent brand? (I know they're more like £800 though)

    We have the cycle scheme at work, but was looking to spend about £5-600 rather than the full grand.

    Anybody else done the cycle scheme? Is it worth it? I didn't fully understand it when he talked to me about it yesterday.



    Spend the full grand

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    Elton Chong

    Spend the full grand

    Need to look more into the likely costs.


    Not tosh, A hybrid takes the best bits of mountain/road bikes to make umm … Not tosh, A hybrid takes the best bits of mountain/road bikes to make umm a road bike

    Thanks, he did seem to know his stuff, how noticeable do you think thinner tyres and a slightly larger chain set (?) would be?

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    Bump for any suggestions of models?


    Bump for any suggestions of models?

    plenty here…cfm

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    Just to throw a spanner in the works I've been to another store and all but decided on keeping my boulder but getting a road bike.

    Liked the specialized secteur, any thoughts or suggestions?
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