Which blackberry has wifi?

    Which blackberry has wifi?

    Or which blackberry phones have wifi.


    that one

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    that one


    I know for sure that curve 8900 have it..

    I think pearl 8120 and the new 8520 also have it but not 100% sure... check for more info.


    Just checked for you and the following have it according to Blackberry site:
    Curve 8900
    Curve 8520
    Pearl 8120.

    i had one for a day, the pearl on o2 but you had to have an internet bolt on to connect and even get messages i thought it was rubbish in that respect. I wanted a phone i could connect to the internet using the wifi i've got at home and in wifi hotspots etc. The e90 does that and doesn't need a special bolt on to perform.
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