...which books for 11 year old girl ?

    Hi all........... got to try and get my 11 year old daughter to read books more...........which books do your daughters read ???
    All ideas welcome.... many thanks


    My daughter is 10 and half, she likes to read horrid henry, and stuff about cat's if she has a pet try get her to read about them.

    Twilight saga is aimed for this sort of age group

    jacqueline wilson

    My dd liked the Twilight books at that age a lot of them seem to
    I asked the same question a while ago and a few people came up with the same book (cant remember now)but my dd did not get it at all so ....
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    the bible


    The Borrowers and other Mary Norton books

    as JO-JO said cant go wrong with the Jacqueline Wilson collection my daughter when she was 11 loved them and so many to get !!!!!:)


    She wrote Tracy beaker didn't she

    My daughter loved anything by Dick King Smith (who I read has just died) but I can't remember if she was a bit younger when she read those. She also loved anything by David Almond - he wrote Skellig which was adapted for TV. She enjoyed the Stravaganza series too, by Mary Hoffman.
    Cat books, she loved the Varjak Paw books (I think there are 2).
    She also like Hush Hush and Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick, but I would have a look and see what you think before giving them to an 11 year old - my daughter was older than that when she read them.


    She wrote Tracy beaker didn't she

    Yes she wrote Tracy beaker

    Original Poster

    thanks to all........ will take a look at all these, hopefully she will stick her head in some of these !!!!

    I recognise that imp in your avatar!!

    some of the enid blyton books about live at boarding schools..Mallory Towers etc?

    I remember when i was that age, i wasn't into reading. Then we started reading the The Fudge Books by Judy Blume at school and they were really funny at that age. I think she'll like them.

    micheal morporgo is good too X)

    diary of a wimpy kid is really good

    50 shades.
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