Which Broadband Internet Service Provider

    Im having problems with Pipex. My connection keeps dropping.

    SKY seem good, and only a 12 month contract.

    Can anyone suggest a good ISP?



    Im with sky and have had no problems so far and a good speed. If your takin phone and tv aswell value for money there unbeatable

    SKY offer good speed but as part of your T&C's you must use their router and it doesn't offer N Draft

    I would recommend BE (there) or the O2 BB as it has been bought by them and in the process of changing name and will both be O2 going forward

    look at "Sam Knows" and check your exchange to see who you can get at ADSL2+ speeds

    I cant get BE and have previously used UKOnline but they have been bought by SKY and have also used UKFSN who were excellent but i buggered that up by trying SKY and cant seem to go back, currently with eclipse and all is ok but upload speed is poor

    do not go with talk talk

    o2 are great (for me)

    Mines fine?


    do not go with talk talk

    rather than simply changing isps find out what causing the problem as all the connections regardless of isp come from the same place. check all modem settings channels interference etc first.

    I think it depends where you live.
    There is something and I cant remember what its called but where the provider have there own cabling and stuff.
    Im pretty out in the sticks and most providers do 1mbps max, Talk Talk vary between 9mbps in the day and 16mbps at night. Apparently they have there own wiring into my exchange.

    As for customer service, bloody useless, more sense from a cat although the actual broadband/phone has been rock solid stable and they were cheap.
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    connection dropping is usually something silly like interference with your modem from the house phone (if cordless), get pipex to do a line test and they will tell you if the line is ok..

    And also try swapping the modem, ask them for another.

    i'm with virgin and using google chrome, great service and next day callout if any problems.

    I use UTV internet no one can beat them in my part of the world . . . the only other advice I can offer is to find out about the cost of calling the help line and there help line hours

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    Ive tried a Speedtouch ST510v6 Ethernet Modem but cant get it to work, despite calls to Pipex.
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