Which broadband service would you recommend?

    Hi guys,

    I'm going to be moving flat soon, and I need to provide myself with some good broadband.

    Virgin Media apparently don't supply their services to my area, so they are out of the question. I'm a casual gamer, I like to stream series' on the internet, and I do download quite a bit.

    What package/service provider would you guys recommend for me?

    Any help would be great.



    Some may not agree but TalkTalk is awesome for me. Unlimited 25mb connection for £3.25/mo.

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    Central London

    Yeah I've head that TalkTalk is good. I'm looking for around 50mb I think, I can't stand buffering or slow downloads so I'm gonna overkill on the MB just to make sure haha

    If you haven't so already, you may want to find out what services are available in your area and also how far you are from the local exchange.…rch…ing

    I'm in exact same situation. live in central southampton with no fibre options. Torn between 4G and just going for EE broadband as its cheapest.

    plusnet is good value if you take out phone line as well.

    Agree with mutley on plusnet too and can't fault their service

    Another plusnet vote. Just moved to their fibre from adsl. Been with them 8 years or so. Always been easy to deal with and only one problem in all that time, which was down to a BT master socket.

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    Thanks Jimbo, I'm guessing that the further away you are from an exhange, the less effective your broadband will be?

    Gonna do some research on Plusnet, and Talk Talk. I'm hoping they both provide a pretty fast service!

    I'm not fair from exchange, my estimate was 8, speed test shows 13.


    They all use the same physical line anyway so you should get pretty much … They all use the same physical line anyway so you should get pretty much the same speed with any company.


    When we moved from o2 (12mb) to BT they intially said it would be 6mb but get 12mb with them.
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