Which Broadband supplier shall i use?


    I have been out of the internet scene for a while now and im looking for a new broadband supplier

    Ideally i would like

    High speed
    No download limit
    No problem with using certain ports (torrents etc)
    Nice and cheap

    also although it is not essential - i would like no minimum contract period

    who do you reccomend - and why

    also this will be normal ADSL - no cable





    24meg for about £24? I think

    o2 broadband
    8mb speed, unlimited download
    £7.5 per mo (O2 mobile costumer); £12.5 if not


    o2 broadband8mb speed, unlimited download£7.5 per mo (O2 mobile … o2 broadband8mb speed, unlimited download£7.5 per mo (O2 mobile costumer); £12.5 if not

    i 2nd o2 broadband we have had for about a month now and great speeds and cheap! if your not a current o2 customer one option is to get an o2 pay and go sim as long as you top up 10 pounds every 3 months can get the broadband half price (7.50 8 meg £10 16 meg and £15 20meg.

    also £25 quidco

    Virgin £20 for 20mb but only £10 for the first 3months.


    Bethere.24meg for about £24? I think

    18 squid m8, I'm with 'em and never had any problems with downloading and I d/l a lot :whistling: :oops:

    i've got tiscali. 8gb unlimited with free line rental and free weekend calls. for £14.99 per month, speed and servive are good but customer service stinks ! , just like may others i suppose.


    Virgin £20 for 20mb but only £10 for the first 3months.

    Where did you get £20 from?

    I thought it was at least £30

    If your local exchange has the O2/Be (same network) equipment installed then they're exactly what you're looking for.

    Otherwise, I don't think you've got much choice. You may have trouble getting both cheap and no limits on a normal broadband connection. Do you need serious capacity or would a 30GB or 50GB cap be fine?

    EDIT: Usage caps and throttling info for several ISPs:…htm

    I use Sky and would highly recommend it


    Only the 175th time this very question has been asked this year :-D

    VM every time.


    i have the 'max' package and so far THIS MONTH have downloaded 526GB and uploaded 329GB and no complaints

    been with them for about a year now most months the same usage, sits steady at 16MB never had any downtime and its like £15 or £15 a month i forget.

    but whatever you do DONT GO WITH TISCALI there unlimited is limited on about 10GB a month!!!! its a out and out rip off and they have a horrible indian call center (sky has an up 'north' one - so not that much better english ;-) )

    ive had no problems with virgin media.

    I am with Plusnet.

    £14.99pm no contract
    Up to 8mb
    15gb download limit (no limit between the hours of 12pm-8am)
    Great service and lots of extras as well.
    100mb webspace
    etc etc


    I pay £30 a month for phone , broadband and tv from VM, i'm gonna upgrade broadband from 2MB to at least 10Mb as it is **** atm for online gaming

    I would personaly go with be*

    been with them since october, had no problems with them at all, fast speeds, unlimited downloads, adsl, can't remeber how much we pay, but as of yet they haven't moaned at us about fairuse policy, which loads of other providers have.

    Original Poster

    Just found out i cannot get o2 or be. Gutted as i wanted something cheap. Any more ideas as i an signing up today.

    SKY!!!! seriously they are the best out there and they have like a 99.9 % coverage now as well i think

    Original Poster

    I can only gety the 17 quid one with sky


    well thats just my view... i have had no complaints torrents as fast as you like etc best ISP company we have ever been with

    If you can't get Virgin Cable or O2, Sky etc. then I'd suggest ADSL24, 30GB Peak Time and 300GB Off Peak Time limit for £20 a month. Peak time is 8am - 10pm but it's a great connection
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