Which cable for Sky?


    We are converting the garage just now and I thought I would feed some cable through for Sky in the future. Need to do it today as the builders are putting up the plasterboard tomorrow.

    Which cable do I get from screwfix?
    Labgear RG6 Satellite Black Coaxial Cable
    Labgear PF100 Satellite Black Coaxial Cable

    I don't know what the difference is.

    I would of gone the ebay route but time is of the essence.



    Rg6 is for short lengths and is very flexible and pf100 is good for longer lengths as it will have less signal loss but is less flexible and a bit more weather resistant

    I would go go for the PF100 (I usually install CT100 for runs up to 40m) PF is very similar to the CT 100

    depends on the distance if it is longer distance go for PF100 if not get the other one.

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    Cheers for that. Its going up the garage wall through our room above and into the attic, then across the attic to the other end of the house. Will go with the PF100.

    Rep to you all:thumbsup:
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