which camcorder??


    I've pin pointed two camcorders that i can get for a decent price, i can get the Sanyo - Xacti VPC-CA65 for £88 or the canon fs100 for £218.

    They're both SD camcorders but i would like to if anyone has any of the above and what they think of them. I'm not after directing movies or anything i just want a decent camera for filimg my daughter growing up

    Thanks in advance for the help



    I don't have any of the above however i do have a Full HD SD camcorder worth £550 and would have to say that sd camcorders are a little noisy.
    Also a lot of hassle in terms of burning to dvd.
    With hindsight maybe a DVD-R camcorder may have been a better option?

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    thanks for the advice, i wouldn't have thought the sd camcorders were noisy as they have no moving parts? can anyone confirm this?


    Not noisy as in sound, "noisy" as in you may get some noise in the picture quality i.e. some specks.

    Image noise is a random, usually unwanted, variation in brightness or color information in an image. Image noise can originate in film grain, or in electronic noise in the input device (scanner or digital camera) sensor and circuitry, or in the unavoidable shot noise of an ideal photon detector.

    Image noise is most apparent in image regions with low signal level, such as shadow regions or underexposed images.

    hope you don't mind me gegging in on this but does and SD one use a card that you use with Wii and with digital cameras or do you still need a dvd disc... the prices you mention sound great wouldn't mind getting one myself - I only want one for taping my kids so just after something basic...

    I've just bought an HItatchi camcorder - it's the size of a camera witth a flip out screen for filming - also takes stills... I too was confused about camcorders as I already have a handheld samsung one with lots of features which I don't use... was after a smaller one so it could be easier on hand... this is an SDcamcorder - it has no features that David Bailey would need - you switch on press record then stop.... really easy -digital zoom was only £50 from comet and I think that whilst it's basic it's perfect if all your after is capturing kids growing up... would recommend... also got 2 gb SD sim cards for £21... so happy days hop that helps...
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