Which camcorder to record Xmas (ho ho ho)

    Im wanting to get an camcorder but there is so many, there was a post on this that Edi did ages ago but it will prob out dated now.

    Anyone got any advice or camcorders they bought themselves?

    I think id prefer the Dvd one, ive got about £230 to play with.


    When I spoke to Jessops, they said the minidv one produce better quality than dvd. End up with a sony hc35

    I wouldn't be surprised if Hi-Def ones start hitting under the £400 mark by xmas itself.
    Canon HV10 I'm keeping my eye on until it falls alot more, currently £750ish but records at full 1080i 1920x1080

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    wow think i might wait then

    Depends on ur needs saxo, our family still has a Sony DV we got nearly 10years ago, considering the prices of minidv's now and that the specs of hidef stuff isn't great (in terms recording capacity and optical zoom mostly)
    It might be worth getting a sub-£200 minidv until hi def stuff is alot more established.

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    hhmmm, it was really just something to record xmas coz we have a few new kiddys in the family so it would have been good to record them.

    Wish my mum and dad had a camcorder when i was young, id love to see what i was like.

    There are bad tapes of me on VHS looks proper old school not to mention late 70s, early 80s styling left ALOT to be desired, sister was the princess though and got the Hi-8 ;-)
    Sony DV was mums desperation to have something more on tape as we were all leaving for uni/leaving home etc

    I wonder how many dv camcorders now have hdmi output now, would be nicer to watch DV stuff @ 576P than rely on analogue still I think
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